Monday, September 26, 2016

Party! Party! Party!

The writers had a party! 

They served mocktails and little bites of deliciousness!!!! And the food items were my recipes. (Well, apparently one had to be tweaked a bit! But that's because they don't have my awesome bundt pan!) 

The writers held this party in a cute book shop in Minneapolis, and the shop was set up for partying like nobody's business. The store name is adorable...wait for it....ONCE UPON A CRIME!!! Isn't that CUTE???

When the writers walked in it looked like a book store full of racks and shelves of books. They had a moment where they wondered where would they put the bodacious spread they had prepared from MY RECIPES!?!?! And the mocktail table? And the book signing table? 

Oh those clever book store people! Racks on wheels. They just swooped in and turned the whole room into a book-lined PARTY ROOM!!!!! The writers even shared the Paradise Paragraphs newsletter with the CROWD. It was a huge CROWD. Here are some pictures. 

I'm going to be putting wheels on all my living and dining room furniture. Fern will be helping. Or maybe if I offer Salmon Roberto and Spicy Dicey Onion Rings Bobby-Boo will help. Darn. I may have to see if I can't rope in Detective Flynn. He's got a nice strong back and I am his favorite senior citizen of all time. 

But I just LOVE the wheeling idea. I could redecorate weekly. We can have dance parties after dinner. It's brilliant! BRILLIANT!  Oh, and here's another interview. I'm not sure I like what was said about me, but speaking of favorite senior citizens I think I loved that part. 

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