Friday, September 30, 2016

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Here Hurry. Hurry. Last day. 

And here, there is more about Fern and me, very little. But the writer nailed Detective Flynn. Oh, what a hunk of man!!!!!

Always be prepared with gold and glitter you can't go wrong. 
Oh, I so want Kathryn to marry him. I'm tempted to line up a judge, club the detective over the head, and get them married off before he comes to his senses. 

Not that she's not worth marrying, goodness, she's a peach!!! A Georgia peach, not those from the grocery store in June or October. A real live juice-running-down-your-chin Georgia peach. But sometimes when there are broken hearts and "complications" involved these young people just don't seize the day. 

When Bobbykins pops the questions I have my wedding kit ready to go. I can throw a fabulous party, and be the most stunning bride in less than a week. Preparation is important, all you single ladies, don't let him think too long or too hard about anything but you. Got it? What was I talking about? Mercy. Well, it'll come to me later I'm sure. Tata, Loves! 


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