Thursday, September 8, 2016

We Must Introduce Kathryn...

News from our nest! 
Zula: Our darling niece, Kathryn, is the sweetest thing. Just the sweetest, which is why we've been on a mission to help her find "the" man. And boy did we ever....Score!!!!! 

Fern: Zula. Too soon. 
Kathryn, how are things back in Kansas City, dear? Did that awful Brian finally give up? 

Kathryn: Hi Aunties. How are you? Are you over your traumatic adventure? Holy Moly I was worried about you. For the record, Brian is still trying but that ship has, that ship has sunk.

Zula: Have you picked out colors, Honey? 
Fern: Zula, stop it. Stop pushing. 
Zula: I need the time to make the bouquets perfect. She'll have a tight budget, there is a sale next week at the five and ten.

Kathryn: Aunties. You'll have plenty of time. No worries. Have you been keeping out of trouble? Please tell me you have. 

Zula: There's a new snake in town, I believe. A Marco has joined us, he feels a little like a fake. 
Fern: You just don't like him because he's a great cook.
Zula: That is so not it. I think he's trying to figure out some of my secrets. Have you seen him analyze my food? 

Kathryn: But no more crime or anything? And you aren't looking for trouble, right? 

Zula: Well! I think it's high crime indeed if Marco steals my secrets!!!! I intend to ask Detective Flynn to do some sort of background check. He should be able to I would think. 

Kathryn: No, please, Aunt Zula. Don't involve Jared. He's busy enough. 

Fern: That's right. We need to let him alone. Long distance relationships are hard enough, Zula. We don't want him wasting time on this when he could be face talking with Kathryn, do we?

Zula: Sigh. Okay. But maybe I can dig up a little dirt on my own then. 

Kathryn: Aunt Zula. You need to stop right now. Remember what happened last time you stuck your nose where it shouldn't have gone? 

Zula: Oh, okay. Wait. I have to let you go. Marco's walking into the recreation center. Tata, Love.

Kathryn: Aunt Zula? Auntie? 
Fern: The train has left the station, Dear. I'll go see if I can catch it. 

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