Monday, September 5, 2016

Meet Fern

  • Hello. I'm Fern. 
Zula insisted that I introduce myself and share a little about my life. 

The introduction is behind us. Now for the about me. 

I am a widowed former art teacher. 

I prefer quiet mornings, good coffee and simplicity. 

But I share a home with Zula. 

I do manage to pull off good coffee. 

Teaching is in my blood so I do teach Pilates/yoga and art classes in my retirement village. 

I think this is sufficient. 

Zula will no doubt have a rebuttal. 

Zula here, taking her editing of the blog very seriously. Yawn, Fern, could you have made this any more boring? Are any of you awake? Because I am about to drop off into my bowl of homestyled crunchy granola oatmeal with maple banana drizzle.

Fern does have a personality, I promise you. 

She can be a little ball of lightning. Have you heard of this phenomena? My great aunt once experienced it.  A fireball of lightning came in one door, rolled across the floor, under the kitchen table mind you, and exited through the open back hallway. She was grateful there wasn't air conditioning at the time or she would have lost a door! 

Anyhoo, that's Fern. A tiny little feisty package that can surprise the socks right off of you. Hopefully, you will see this sometime.  I also have no idea why she posted a picture of jellyfish. None. But they are kind of sparkly so I left it alone. 

Tata...til next time, Darlings!

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