Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Out of the Frying Pan Starring.....

Not as happy as yesterday's Recipe LOVE the writers shared. 

Because today's interview isn't quite so much about Fern and me. But we are pretty happy with the idea that our story could hit the big screen!!!

Imagine, our sleuthing skills, my cooking skills, MY SENSE OF FASHION and FLAIR and our HUGE WIN in capturing a murderer! For all the world to see. 

And I have to admit other than the beige the woman wears far too often, I'm pretty happy with the choice in actresses to play me. She can be kind of high strung though. I don't know if she could pull off my subtleties. The more I think about it, she really dresses pretty low-key. There would have to be some serious color and patterns and glitter. I would need to bedazzle her! I'll insist on being the one choosing the wardrobe that's for certain. Insist! 

Here's the link to that fun DREAM! 

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