Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sweet Mercy

Those writers are high maintenance. 

I told Fern we'd only post once a week. And I think I've been here every day. I have little callouses on the tips of my fingers and I think I've pulled a muscle in my neck!!!! I'm certain of it. Either that or Fifi slept pushed up against my face again. That's possible. I dreamt of being buried alive in a portable toilet. (Fifi has some digestive issues and she ate a little too much grass on our after dinner walk.) It happens. 

So that mystery is solved. Ha.Ha! Oh, and we solved ours, too. Just in case you didn't know that Fern and I pretty much single-handedly took down some serious baddies! (I was even injured...but I can't share more.)

Anyhoo, the writers are at the following blogs today. Promoting our story. However, they never really do us justice! 

Jodie Wolfe interviews Kelly Klepfer about her writing life. Kelly stinks at spelling. I learned that. 

Tootle on over to Whispers in Purple where Michelle Griep shares some such about co-writing. 

Now. I'm going to go ice my fingers around a tall glass of home made lemonade! 

And if you haven't signed up to win a are missing out. Do that. K? 

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