Friday, September 16, 2016

And There They Go Again....

The writers are all over the place again. Like weasels released from a sack. Three locations today. Not a single one of these articles or posts talks about our heroic murderer-defying, life-risking, epic village-saving event. 

However, one does mention my backstory a maybe check that out. And I kinda wish I could get ahold of some of the candles she talks about getting rid of. If any of you decide to declutter any floral arrangements LET ME KNOW! 

But the rest....meh...go read all about them. We're fine. We'll be right here when you come back. I'm currently sewing a mermaid tail for Fifi. She will be so, so cute!!!! 

And speaking of cute. Look at these little babies holding our book!!!!!!

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