Thursday, September 29, 2016

Well, This is Awkward

One of the writers has been "tweeting". I'm not sure exactly what that is other than she says stuff and people read it and like it or something. I don't get this technology thing. Back when I was younger you had a television. Or a radio. You pushed a button and had a dial. And what you got was what you got. The phones were dials, too. And you either got a busy signal or ring. Then things got fancy with princess phones in glorious pastels. You could push buttons on those pretty little things. But you still got rings or busy signals.

After that I got lost.

We have a computer. I can send emails. And that's good enough for me. I do like to look over Fern's shoulder when she's on that Facestalker thing she does. (She gets so mad!) Kathryn posts lots of fun things, I love her Mr. Wright pictures. He's a snuggly cute little wuggins of fluff! And she'll post hilarious comments sometimes. Fern really gets angry then when I hoot in her ear. I kind of like pushing Fern's buttons, but don't tell her that!

Anyhow. Yesterday the writer said that someone "retooted" a "post" she was mentioned in. And she "clicked" on it to see who it was so she could thank them or "follow" them. Turns out this woman had "28k" followers. That was cool she said. But then she read the "bio" and this person promotes erotica.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I sure hope no one thinks our story is trashy! Oh my! I mean, I'm a red hot woman, but not that red hot!!!!

But all publicity is good? Right?

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