Monday, October 3, 2016

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

No, no chicken. But it's not false advertising it's just a creative way to grab attention. And the prize was so much better than chicken. Goodness. The prize was copies of our story!!!!

But that drawing is over. New month, new pumpkin recipe ideas swirling in my mind. And apple recipes. The ciders, the spices, the holiday meals to begin preparing. Oh, I just can't wait to unleash my ideas on people! 

When my darling, may he rest in peace, husband and I lived in a little town in Illinois, before Fern became my near neighbor, so she can't weigh in with any comments. There used to be a flurry over an invitation to my house. I was whipping up French Chef delicacies almost every weekend so we started inviting people over. That French food isn't always good for a working man's lunch pail the next day so we needed help to cut down on leftovers. The first time my hubby-wubby took a beautifully packed napoleon in his pail he said the guys laughed for a month. The quit laughing when he refused to share the chocolate mousse a few weeks later. That showed them. Anyhoo, our weekend dinners got so popular people were offering to buy the ingredients if only they could have a seat at the table. I still have a bit of that, especially when I make my spice cake. Or cinnamon bun muffins, or Salmon de Zula, or my chocolate and potato chip cookies. 

Whew. I got a little bunny traily there for a bit. 

I was writing to reveal the winners for the Goodreads giveaway.  Someone named David and another one named Nancy. If you are reading this, congratulations. One of the writers will get that out to you. 

But if you aren't David or Nancy there is a new chance. And an old one that's almost ends today. So go here and here and enter away. 

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