Monday, October 24, 2016

I Am Available if I Can Carry-On Fifi

A story reader sent one of the writers a picture of the book hovering near that one huge attraction in Rome. What is it? The one I
always think is Greek. Not the Vatican. Hmmm. Never mind what it's called. Fern will tell me while peeking over her readers and tightening her lips into a tiny, judgy rosebud.

I just want to inform any of you who might be traveling to Europe that I'd be happy to go and tell you the story myself. The only condition is that Fifi needs me and should be considered carry-on. I've already knit her a union jack jumper. (I'm working on my language skills, too! ) I think I'll sew her a smart French black shift with a simple strand of pearls. And a toga.

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