Thursday, October 6, 2016

It's So Quiet, For Now....

Now that the whole murder fluff and stuff has died down, and our story is out and plugging along it feels kind of quiet around here. 

The writers still have a book giveaway going on. The linkie dowickie clicky thing for it is here.

Comments are coming in. One person bought it and gave it to a friend who's husband is reading it to her while she has chemo. That feels real good to know that our story of overcoming and solving a murder might be making someone else feel a little better during a hard time. 

Did I share our giveaway baskets we put together for our big book signing event? I curated some jewelry and a scarf and shared a favorite product. Nutella. I could just eat that right out of the jar with a spoon. I'm a little jealous that someone created a recipe book, that shoulda woulda coulda been me! 

That gives me an idea....I'll be back. Hang on you little darling jar of chocolate heaven, Mama's coming! 

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