Monday, November 21, 2016

OOOOhhhh Moonstruck!

I missed the Super Moon. 

I didn't miss it, miss it. But Bobbykins was out of town for a few days. And when he returned to Paradise he was laid up with back issues. Those long car trips are rough on him. 

While others were gazing into each others' eyes and whispering sweet nothings including proposals of marriage while the huge moon crept out of the horizon and into the sky I was serving chicken noodle soup and changing out ice packs. I did make this recipe. You have to go to the lady's blog to get it. One of the writer sent it in and FORGOT to tell everyone that it's my recipe. Oh. They have a book giveaway, too. 

Anyhoo!!!! I pointed the moon out once or five times to Bob. Even suggested we try to sit outside for a bit. He grunted. I'm sure there was love and maybe a little awe in those grunts, but that's all I got. 

So I had to live vicariously through pictures. 

Have you seen some of them? Ooooh baby, that was one huge moon. 

While looking at pictures I found out some facts, too. (Don't worry, even though I saw it on Facebook I'm sure it's accurate. They said it came from Scientific American.)  

Dogs are more likely to end up in the emergency room. I hugged Fifi extra tight after reading that fact. Shudder. I had her out and about with me, coming and going. The little thing probably has post dramatic stress issues because of the whole murder fiasco and near death of her mommies. Oh, gracious. I'm so glad I missed this fact before the moon or I would have had her on lock down, behind Fern's closed door where there is literally nothing she could hurt herself with. Fern has a desk and a bedside table and nothing on the walls. Or surfaces. It's worse than a hotel. At least hotels have colors. Not Fern. Fifi would have definitely gotten post dramatic distress from that. 

One of the other facts. Plants grow better during full moons. Woot! Woot! The garden club meets in my garden the day after tomorrow. That means I'm going to be full flower. So I can still claim something wonderful from that big old moon.  

Gotta go take care of the Bobbis. He's feeling better but still needs a little TLC. And I like to call it ZLC cuz with Zula on the move Loving Care is off the charts. Full super moon TLC. Now just to freshen up and sprinkle that extra cinnamon love on those muffins. The man is going to be moonstruck without the benefit of Super Moon. 

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