Thursday, November 17, 2016

Romance. Pitter, Patter, Heart!!!

💖💖💖 Oooooh, I just love romantic stories. Be still my heart. My Bobbykins made me a tape or ddd or whatever those things are called of my favorite romantic movies scenes. Now I can stick it in our player or use my computer to swoon for six whole hours if I want. One of my favorites is Return to Me when he rides up on the bike with the nun sitting on the handle bars and he tells Grace how much he loves her. 

Ooooohhh and that movie is full of Frank Sinatra. Flutter. Flutter little heart. 💖💖💖

I like to take the little lap computer into the kitchen and just play the thing while I cook. When I look up I can swoon, swoon, swoon while I stir, stir, stir. I think Bob is a smart man. He just loves my cooking and he has found the way to inspire me. I come up with some creative concoctions while I'm dreaming of love. 💖💖💖 

💖One of the writers has a romantic story she shared. You can see it here. And she's giving a book away, too!!!! 

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