Monday, July 3, 2017

Ooooohhhh! The Parade is a Coming!!!

Sweet Mercy! I may have taken on more than I can chew! But, since this is only our second 4th of July together I really wanted to go all out. Fifi loved prancing around in her Star-Spangled lycra last year! She was soooooooo adorable! And such a diva. You could not tell her what to do when she had her sparkle on. And  I don't know what she hoovered up off the ground that made her smell like a bus full of college athletes who'd played in 100 degree heat then got rained on but she has promised to never eat that again! And I've promised that I will put Fern up in the nice hotel in the city if Fifi repeats that unfortunate choice! That was a rude awakening to doggie ownership!!!! 

But back to the costumes! I have blisters on two of my fingers due to all the handwork. I wanted to share the completed ensembles with y'all but Fifi gets a little annoyed with the fittings and so far I've not gotten any good photos. Plus, the two prize winning outfits are in various stages of done. I did snap a few quickies to set the mood, though. Her bandana is just for around the house. Like a great housecoat back in the day. A housecoat would be equivalent to today's pajama pants. When did housecoats disappear? Hmmmm. I'll have to look into that. I'm curious. Maybe I'll design a line of modern housecoats. I'm going to go write that down. 

Okay. I'm back. Now the sunglasses and headband. Oh, precious widdle pupper wooks so CUTE! She's going to rock that little attitude on the way to the parade. I also have a victory costume for her to prance home in and a special frock for the parade that will literally make her look like a firework. That's the blister maker right there. The post parade party will be a little more demure but will play up Fifi's attributes. And there may be a small flower arrangement involved. I'm still cooking that idea. Sometimes restraint can make an outfit. I also have an eye and ear on the competition and may not have to pull out the excess. My main competitor, Marvene Arkfeld, from Sand and Sun Estates has had her grandchildren for two weeks and a couple are in rough stages right now. Thanks to the Terrible Twos and a pre-tween attitude Fifi may have a win without me even needing to break out into a glow!   

I hope you have a bang of a 4th. We will. Bring it on! Mama's got a spot cleared for Fifi's first trophy!!!!!!! 

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