Monday, January 16, 2017

It's Coming! I Just FEEL It!

Bobbykins is this close to asking for my hand. It's written all over his face. Fern says that's indigestion because I keep feeding him too spicy food. I'm working toward building his tolerance to spice. And he appreciates it. 

Most of the time. 

How I know he's going to pop the question:

1) His eyes fill with tears sometimes when he looks at me. (No, again, it's not the spice, Fern. Nor is it an allergy to Fifi as you have so kindly pointed out. Or that he might be contemplating moving or any of the other reasons you keep ferrettng out.)

2) He has so many pet names for me. Sugar Lips. Sigh I love that one. Sweet Muffin. Cookie. Cuddle Bug. Sweetums. Oh, goodness. There are so many. And they melt my heart into a puddle of love pudding. Oh, Bobohunk, what a man! 

3) Future plans are being made. He asked me to go to the big truck show thingy in the spring. I'm soooooooooo excited!!!! I've already made little flag earrings with a scarf to match. Which I think they must use like in car races. Right? Don't tell me if I'm not because I don't want to change things up. I found checkered flag style leggings! And these stilettos. Queen of cuteness. I think it's possible the proposal will happen right there. I'm going to make a bracelet with little traffic signals with the stop lights all on green for Go! Go! Go! and Go! means YES! YES! YES! 

I'm thinking a fall wedding. Why wait? Right? At our age we shouldn't have a long engagement. Plus I scored some beautiful Zinnia and Mum blossoms in fall gold, scarlet and orange that are to die for on super clearance. 90% off. And gold ribbon that was in the Halloween clearance area that had copper pumpkins like little polka dots all over it. I'm picturing so many beautiful ideas. I'll sketch some up for you and share them once the BIG EVENT happens. 

Hmmmm. I might slip out to the hardware store in town. I heard they still have white Christmas lights there. For a song. And you know I've got some songs. Hahahahaaaaaa So tootles for now. 

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