Thursday, December 29, 2016

Jingle-Jangled Sweet Mercy

Ooooh, Fern just reminded me about this blog. Sweet Heavens! I got so caught up in slicing and dicing and baking and making, and decorating and Christmas carols. 

1) Fifi's nails. I've been painting them a different glitter every day with matching bows to coordinate with my outfits. I scored an after Christmas bargain doggie nail kit, can you believe it? And I bought a few to last the year, actually, they may last a lot longer than that, doggie nails aren't very big. Fifi is so proud. She just prances. Fern says her "prancing" is just her arthritic gait. Oh, I've also been giving Fern lots of raspberries this holiday season, and I don't mean the ones that grow on bushes.  

2) Last book giveaway of the year. Over here. One of the authors did an interview, too. Blah. Blah. Blah. 

3) Pinterest. Oh my. See my opening comment above. So many things I must try. 

4) Can I just say I'll be glad to say goodbye to 2016. Just a weird year. I'll carry my battle scar with me but hope to never again experience anything like what went down in Paradise this year. 

Happy New Year! Hope your Christmas was grand. Eat all the leftover goodies ASAP, celery stalks and broth season is right around the corner. 

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