Monday, December 12, 2016

Just in Time for Christmas Gift Craftarooing!

Pinterest Worthy Doggie Duds

The other day my sweet niece Kathryn explained to me what Pinterest really is. I didn’t get annoyed once even though I have been on Pinterest and throwing around phrases that I didn't even understand.  I thought Pinterest had something to do with bulletin boards and fails and pallets—which didn't interest me very much. Though the fails that people post are kind of funny and I think of Fern and get the giggles which completely taxes all my self-control and certain muscles.

But hot-diggity-dang if my ears didn’t perk up when Kathryn mentioned my Fifi costumes were worthy of an entire board . . . and I could share them with other puppy lovers everywhere.

So, Pinterest or not, I thought today I’d share my doggarific design skills for creating everyday ensembles your pooch will prance proud in.

The Vivacious Velvet Vet Sweater

No poor pup wants to visit the veterinarian so why not perk up poochy’s day and yours? It’s as easy as:
  1. Snip a swath of velvet to fit around your doggy’s torso. Personally, I like scarlet.
  2. Glue on sequined buttons to one edge and sew a few corresponding button holes on the other. Use gilt thread. Gold brightens everyone’s day.
  3. Perk up the rest with dots of glitter glue to catch the sunlight.

Fuzzy Muzzle Woolsy Warmer

Keep your darlin’ as smoldering as one of your hot flashes. Here’s how:
  1. Swipe some Smart Wool socks out of your sister-in-law’s dresser. If you don’t have a cranky sister-in-law, spend a few moments kicking up your heels, then go raid another relative’s dresser.
  2. Cut the socks into strips and whip out a pair of the largest knitting needles you can find. Mine are electric green and when I get my groove on and the light hits just right, it looks like a neon disco ball flashing little dots all over the room.
  3. Knit a circular tube the length of your dog’s snout—not too long though or the poor thing won’t be able to breath.
  4. Tassles are optional.
  5. So is fringe.

There you have it—two “Pinterest Worthy” or "Interesting" Pupstart Pretties to beautify your bow-wow. I've been Pinning so many I don't have pictures. But I found a blogger who gives all sorts of great advice when beautifying lil bowser. Right here.

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