Monday, February 6, 2017

I'ma Fluzy....

Ha. Ha. Ha. Get it? Flu....fluzy.

That would be an unfortunate name. Ima Fluzy.

Other unfortunate name combos I had to look up.... Ima Hogg, real person, real big deal. Came from money. Money could help take the sting from the name, but what were her parents' thinking? I found a few more. Shanda Lear from the Lear jet family. Robyn Banks. Jo King. Tee Hee. I can laugh but not for long. My mother named me Zula. Let's just say there was at least one boy who had to learn not to mess with Zula in grade school.

Oh, the reason for that little bunny trail?!?! Bobbykins is finally back to almost normal. I've been nursing him through the flu. The big one. The INFLUENZA!

I didn't stop making chicken soup until yesterday. He's back on solids and putting in his request orders. I think my chicken soup saved his life. The love I put into it was the thing the doctor ordered. I began wearing masks around him when he started looking peaked. He gets one big thing a year. This time he was not playing around. But I was ready for him.

I wiped his brow, spooned soup into his mouth and sang him sweet songs. He'd wake up screaming sometimes and I'd ease him back to sleep. Goodness. I'd forgotten how a man can be. If Fern gets sick I am instructed to enter silently, leave a tray by the bed, and return to whence I came. She says she has to tough it out. She's not real helpful the times I've been down, either, so maybe she just doesn't get sick bed protocol graces. When I received my horrible wound from that awful murderer she only took care of me for three days once I was released. She, of course, said that if I was well enough to manage the world's problems from my bed and able to wear my stiletto  slippers, do my full makeup and hair and receive guests I was probably "out of the woods."

Oh, and speaking of murderers and our unfortunate one in Paradise, one of the authors is giving away a copy of our story. If you feel under the weather it might be the best thing since chicken soup. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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