Monday, August 29, 2016

Meet My Fifikins

Drum roll, please Let me introduce my punkin. My sweet little Fifi-pup.

Oh, the joy she has brought to my life! I didn't even know I wanted a little muffin-mutt till I inherited her when her former papa lost his faculties and moved on down to Shady Rest. May he wait in peace. He's not "gone" yet, so I don't know if rest is appropriate. 

Poor Fifi struggled so with missing him the first few days with Fern and me, especially when Fern didn't take to her cute little face right away. But I won her over with Pumpkin Molasses Peanut Butter Bites and a cute hand sewn puppy bonnet.

Fifi is the sweetest little wuggins! And she loves to sing Frank Sinatra early in the morning. I'm sure you'll get in on lots of stories.

So, till next time, have a Fififul day. Because a Fififul day is so much better than good.

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