Monday, August 29, 2016

Meet My Fifikins

Drum roll, please Let me introduce my punkin. My sweet little Fifi-pup.

Oh, the joy she has brought to my life! I didn't even know I wanted a little muffin-mutt till I inherited her when her former papa lost his faculties and moved on down to Shady Rest. May he wait in peace. He's not "gone" yet, so I don't know if rest is appropriate. 

Poor Fifi struggled so with missing him the first few days with Fern and me, especially when Fern didn't take to her cute little face right away. But I won her over with Pumpkin Molasses Peanut Butter Bites and a cute hand sewn puppy bonnet.

Fifi is the sweetest little wuggins! And she loves to sing Frank Sinatra early in the morning. I'm sure you'll get in on lots of stories.

So, till next time, have a Fififul day. Because a Fififul day is so much better than good.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welcome to Our First Blogalicious Post

I'm Zula. I'll be writing most of the content. My sister-in-law Fern will be dropping in occasionally. I'll no doubt have a few things to say after she's done posting, too. Just to make sure this blog stays true to my themes. I don't know why everything has to be a wrestling match with her. First she says she doesn't want to post and be part of this
blog thing. Then I twist her arm and she finally agrees to do it "every once in awhile." But then she wants to post things she's interested in and doesn't want to follow my pattern. Can you see why I want to bedazzle her while she sleeps? Stubborn woman. 

Beyond all that fuss and bustle, I'll be sharing wisdom and wit and skills I've picked up over a few decades. The theme of the blog is Zu-fer where you always get more than you bargained for. Promise. Money back guarantee hahahaha. I've always wanted to say that. 

Feel free to comment and give us ideas on what you might like to hear about from us. We are always open for trying new things. Well. One of us is anyway. And if it's "interesting" to Fern she might be on board, too. 

We'll break down our posts so it'll be easy to search for areas you are curious about. I'll dare to say that you will be delighted with all of them, though. We will have some great content for you. 

My main areas are: 

Recipes ~ Come and Get it, Big Boy
Advice ~ And Then She Said
Decorating ~ Lovely, Darling, Just Lovely
Fashion: ~ Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, Sparkles a Close Second

Fern will be dropping by with these kind of posts (yawn)
Life and Safety Hippie Tips from Fern: Well being and Well Feeling Tip
Art Appreciation: Artscussions about art stuff

Either one of us can chime in with REBUTTALS and RANTS. And these will be tagged in all caps because we do get a bit heated. 

And because you know you are wanting a little piece of these glorious shares now I'll leave you with a Fifi pic and a cookie picture.